Build simple, performant and scalable applications at ease.

Getting Started

This software is in Alpha stage. It’s under heavy development and reaches the beta stage pretty soon. If you like to be part of this process please leave me a message.

What is HellHound ?

HellHound is an open source set of libraries to create simple and elegant programs based on streams. An HellHound application basically is a system of components which work together in order to achieve a common goal. Components form one or more data pipelines through workflows. In general systems are a great way to manage the lifecycle and data flow or your program and components are awesome for managing the state and dependencies of different pieces of your program.

HellHound provides different built-in components for different types of systems. For example Webserver component for creating a fullstack web application, or a kafka component for a data processing application. For more information checkout the guides and Examples.

Where to get help ?

Keep up to date with HellHound on Twitter .